Swiss pioneering achievements under the Spanish sun.

The first of its kind in Spain

RyuGin , Tokyo

Born 1970, from Kagawa Prefecture

Japanese cuisine is a symbol of the richness of our country.
Tasting Japan’s treasured ingredients in their very natural state is the “ultimate feast”.
This is possible in Japan because it is a country rich with ingredients
To select the choicest ingredients and believe in them to create dishes that you can be proud of.

The richness of the “excellence of taste” of the natural ingredients that spreads
throughout your mouth and the feeling of happiness as they travel into the body is a sensation that cannot be described in words.

I believe the delicious flavors that are subtle and yet at times powerful, can only flow from authentic ingredients and when experienced with the aroma and warmth of the meal, is a most joyful feeling.

Our techniques and hearts as chefs are present when we honestly and distinctly convey the ingredients that nature has fostered.

In a kitchen where treasures of “natural ingredients” from all around the country are gathered, occasionally we gently help the ingredients up onto their dishes.
To the extreme where the delicious flavors leave you speechless…
To discover what that is, we face the ingredients every day to determine and understand and that is what defines cooking.

Japan’s most excellent ingredients are “the pride of the Japanese people”.
When the changing of the seasons is felt and while admiring the blessings of nature, you can enjoy the luxury of the many varied presentations of Japanese cuisine.
If you would spend a moment of such luxury at Ryugin, we would be most pleased.

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