Swiss pioneering achievements under the Spanish sun.

The first of its kind in Spain



With EVOO’s of Spain as the top gainers, followed by Argentina and Portugal, Chile, Greece, Uruguay and Italy, completed international competitions Extra Virgin Olive Oil OLIVINUS, OLIVINUS CHILDREN and OLIVINUS DESIGN 2016.

OLIVINUS, considered 1st international contest EVOO’s after Mario Solinas IOC is the contest where all the EVOO’s come directly from direct producers, not importers or distributors, and is the only one in the world where the relationship oils the world is absolutely greater than the host country. Children also OLIVINUS is the only contest in the world where judges are children between 8 and 14 years, who choose the best products in the world and this year chose 40.

As for OLIVINUS Design, it allows to show the great advances in what is the design and presentation of the bottle, label design, overall design and final presentation to the consumer, which has advanced worldwide and is being installed in the global consumer.

All three events provide different levels of very important points to the winning entrants in the EVOO WORLD RANKINGS 2016/2017 (, whose results will be announced in October 2016.

The International OLIVINUS 2016 competition awarded 167 prizes awarded in Extra Virgin Olive Oil spread over 11 of the 17 countries of South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, which presented samples. This contest is the largest that exists throughout southern hemisphere of the world and also the most important in South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

The number of samples submitted was 441, corresponding to 196 companies and the strictness of the competition only won awards only 37% of the oils presented.

The medals were distributed among 88 Gran Prestige Gold, Prestige Gold 55 and 21 Gold.

OLIVINUS which is considered the number 1 by the EVOO World Ranking, with the same score they give contests Terraolivo (Jerusalem- Israel), Los Angeles (USA), New York (USA), Domina IOOC in Sicily (Italy) and BIOL (Italy), Mario Solinas and Evooleum (Spain). Then there are 20 international contests with small number of countries with samples being most of the organizing country.

The reason why OLIVINUS is number one, is that since its inception has been growing in samples (with an average of samples of the last 8 contests 550) and the minimum and maximum countries present between 16 and 22 and countries and the it most AVOES presented belong to countries other than the host country (Argentina), and the samples arrive directly from producers.

The Director General of samples was the Winemaker Leonardo Castellani and directors of international tasting panel were Dr. Antonio Lauro de regia Calabria (Italy) and Ms. Rosa Chiquini (of Argentina and director of Children’s tasting panel). The general direction has been the Ing. Qco. Raul Castellani

Most products medals went to Spain with 58 awards, Argentina with 50, Portugal 18, Greece 10, 9 Chile, Uruguay 8, Italy 6 South Africa 5, Cyprus and Malta 1 each.

The contest TOP 20 were distributed among Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and South Africa, which shows the high quality of the products.

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