Swiss pioneering achievements under the Spanish sun.

The first of its kind in Spain

Olive OIL Seminars Greece

Tasting and evaluating the best Olive Oils

The seminars of the second cycle (Part B’) include the following tasting and organoleptic evaluations:

Determination from olive oil samples of the most frequent defects of olive oils (rancid, mold, atrohado, muddy sediment, cucumber) , discussion about the possible reasons causing these defects  – ways to avoid them in olive oil production.

Tastings, sensory evaluation and comments of  12 -14 prime olive oils carefully selected and presented, of the best, multi awarded Greek, Italian and Spanish olive oil producers. Most of the Italian and Spanish labels are selected among the first big awards received in major international competitions. Occasionally, we enrich the Greek labels with ones discovered along the way.

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