Swiss pioneering achievements under the Spanish sun.

The first of its kind in Spain

Olive Oil Academy / AROMONIA AWARD

Our Olive Oil Academy is regarded as the most influential international training center in the field of Olive Oil and Food Culture for food enthusiasts and professionals

Integration of the learning experience with operational production has allowed us to become the most renowned authority of education for the olive oil industry and other food sectors such as charcuterie, cheese, beer and more.

Our instructors are highly regarded, internationally renowned experts in their fields.

Their unique approach guarantees a solid understanding of the required skills in the production processes, sensory evaluation, commercial and marketing strategies.

This proven method offers our students an exceptional learning experience

We train people to become Olive Oil Sommeliers, tasters of different products, makers of artisan Italian Salumi (charcuterie) and cheese.

We also offer professional courses for Olive Oil Mill Master and Panel Leaders to manage sensorial evaluation panels for olive oil, beer, cheese and other food products.

Our courses represent a fundamental investment and a formative experience for those who are willing to explore the fascinating world of real food quality.

Through the meticulous study of raw materials you can better understand their possible treatments and how to use innovative methods in the kitchen, restaurants, retail and factories.

Students enjoy interactive and engaging lessons as they benefit from the great sagacious expertise of professionals who are leading the industry. We understand that effective learning occurs when students are provided with different skills and their specific learning needs are acknowledged. This approach contributes to the formative experience at Olive Oil Academy.


Beyond the great experiences, Olive Oil Academy Diplomas represent the achievement of a set of unique and competent skills that enable students to participate in exciting professional vocations in various food sectors, including management, quality control and advisory services for companies.

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Course participants can update their professional skills annually as: tasters, sommeliers, panel leaders or instructors in the various food sectors by the Olive Oil & Food Quality Expert Certification Program.

This professional update of skills is recorded in the Register of International Olive Oil & Food Quality Experts.

Following completion of the skills update course and registration entry, participants will receive a Food Quality Expert photo identification card for each food sector.


The Olive Oil Expert Diploma is exclusive to Olive Oil Academy.

Many cases have been brought to our attention of fraudulent Olive Oil Experts Diplomas, released by organizations. Keeping the integrity and authenticity of the industry is beneficial and important for all of us. Should you discover any false certifications or suspicious cases, we ask you to report them to us.

Our Activities

Our courses

Olive Oil provides:


  • Discovering the Secrets of EVOO – This lessons were thought for the beginners, the consumers, foodies and food enthusiasts.


  • Professional Olive Oil Tasters – Eperts in tasting of EVOO;
  • Professional Olive Oil Sommelier – Experts and technicians of the usage, services and evaluation of EVOO, both as cooks and in the food industry.


  • Master of the mill: Experts in the exraction techniques for the production of High Quality EVOO;
  • Oil Master: Well rounded experts in all the agronomic, technological, productive, selective, commercial and promotion phases of EVOO;
  • Quality Control: Technicians and experts of the techniques and the juridical aspects concerning the battle to the frauds  and the counterfeiting of food.

Our Gourmet Tours

Olive Oil Academy organizes a collection of authentic culinary weekends to discover the great Italian food destinations and wonders, the artisan skills, the colors and flavors of the true rural Italian cuisine.

Olive Oil Academy invites you to join this program discovering the rural and artisan food across various Italian Regions.

Our Clients

  • Food Enthusiasts, Lovers and professionals of good food and good craft products such as olive oil, beer, cheese and Italian Salumi and other pork meats.
  •  Consumer, chefs, maitres and all the restaurant’s personell, buyers, importers, distributors, retailers and professionals in different fields and sectors of the food chain.
  • QC-Quality Control operators, both in public and private sphere, because only with an appropriate technical and scientific information they can fight frauds that in olive oil and other food chain are now very common.

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