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The first butcher shop 


As of January 1, 2004, Kauffmann AG acquired specialty stores and fifteen butchery outlets from Bell AG, Switzerland. Kauffmann AG is a butcher’s dynasty that has existed for more than 210 years and started in 1801 with the opening of the first butcher’s shop at Grendel in Lucerne.
Walter Gfeller, who was then responsible for the branches at Bell AG, took over the branches together with the proven and qualified staff in Kauffmann AG in a management buy-out, where they were integrated and merged. It’s easy to see that Kauffmann AG is a traditional company with well-known quality under a new label.
In the following years, butchers were successfully run. In 2006, Kauffmann AG opened another new branch in the then Gourmet Factory, in Jelmoli in Zurich. And at the end of 2009, the Epicerie du Pont de Chailly in Lausanne, next to the existing Boucherie, was taken over and rebuilt.
Unfortunately, there were also setbacks. So had to be closed in 2012 because of expiring Mietvertag the branch on the Bahnhofstrasse. And the branch in the Seedammcenter, where our butcher has been an integral part of the business mix since the opening of the center, has been terminated. At the end of June 2013, an era came to an end in Pfäffikon.
Again and again, new locations are being checked and a new location in Winterthur was taken over in July 2015. The butcher Gubler, a traditional Winterthur company, is now a branch of Kauffmann AG.
Kauffmann AG currently has 16 branches at 9 locations in 7 cantons. We employ approx. 184 employees, which make up around 135 full-time positions.
Chronicle / Kauffmann Butcher
The more than 200 years old tradition of the Kauffmann butcher shop was written down by Hans Kauffmann (sel.) In a chronicle. This work, written with much blood, was handed over to us personally by Hans Kauffmann. With great friends, Hans Kauffmann was able to learn in his old age that his butcher shop was even active throughout Switzerland.

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