Swiss pioneering achievements under the Spanish sun.

The first of its kind in Spain

Hisa Franko , Ana Ros

Every morning Janko opens the door of Hiša Franko with still warm curd in a simple plastic bag. It is a “cuvee” of goat and cow’s milk from the green meadows of Božca, just above Hiša Franko. The spicy smell of stall comes along; in the beginning I found it disturbing, today I barely notice it-I understand it as primordial expression of my land.

The typical local cow “Cika”, once only milk giving cow, today in my creations as the best possible tartare – raw in every sense. The only spice is the image of this beautiful animal having her lunch on green and flowering meadows over 1600 meters.

Wild herbs, flowers, apples, chestnuts, nuts, all kinds of mushrooms collected only in their best period, in their season. Served in my dishes on the same day, make our guests live the emotion of the season and of the territory: freshness!!! Ice cold emerald waters of our rivers are the best possible habitat for high quality trouts. My compliments to Loredana and her colourful teas composed of wild herbs and flowers, prefect for every moment of the day.

If I climb on Kolovrat, our mediterranean terrace overlooking the Adriatic sea, I can spot the coast from Croatia to Venice. On a beautiful day the sea shines golden and I can count the boats in the Trieste bay. Just a bit further on, there is a kingdom of Irena Fonda and her sea bass. The salty flavor of oysters awake the memories of my istrian childhood, bringing back the nostalgic taste of truffles, wild asparagus and malvasia.

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