Swiss pioneering achievements under the Spanish sun.

The first of its kind in Spain

This family-run business is already in its fourth generation and from the very beginning has focused on the natural management of its plantations. For fertilization they produced their own compost and no chemicals at all were used. The establishment of a grapefruit plantation – the first of its kind in Spain – can be seen as an additional pioneering achievement. What applies to the cultivation of oranges and grapefruit plantations applies even more to their olive oil production: 100 organic. The cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oil is produced with the greatest care and from hand-picked, organically grown olives. Filled in a dark green bottle and stored in a cool place, this oil can be kept for more than 18 months.
In years of great olive harvest, the producers also fill this olive oil into the popular 3 litre canisters. An even better protection from the sunlight.
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