A passion for tradition.

Maria Bitonti is an olive oil expert through and through. The founder of Pro-Olivum was born in Zurich Switzerland and comes from a traditional italian olive grower family. Even as a child she was fascinated by this diverse craft. After her basic commercial training in business administration and a postgraduate course in olive oil sensor technology at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, she turned her passion into her profession and, in addition to her consulting mandates in Zurich, runs her family's farm in southern Italy.
Between the busy financial metropolis of Zurich and her quiet farm at home in the Italian province of Calabria, Maria has for years been successfully involved in the mediation of olive growers in all Mediterranean countries with sales markets in Northern Europe.
Especially in Northern Europe there are many investors who are interested in investing in small companies. There is also a great demand for high quality products and the willingness to pay the corresponding prices.
For years Maria has been building this bridge between supply and demand on both sides.
Maybe it’s you who were looking for new markets for your great products, maybe you want to fulfill a dream and participate in a romantic olive grove in a Mediterranean environment? Maria brings you together with the right partners.

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